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What We Do

Polymer Coating Solutions Ltd can apply all types of coating materials and are able to develop or modify products to suit specific needs.

As a specialist company we offer a flexible, personal service whilst maintaining excellent technical and quality standards. We are happy to provide initial samples for evaluation free of charge.

Our portfolio comprises solutions for virtually all areas of manufacturing and production.  We offer solutions with compelling advantages like higher productivity, short maintenance time and considerable cost-out.

Polymer Coating Solutions Ltd. offer our customers our very best service and all the benefits of our technically advanced and cost-effective products. The most common trade names of coatings (Teflon®, Xylan®) are our main core of coating services. They are a tough, high operating temperature, heat-resistant finish, which makes them best choice for precision engineering applications.

Properties and uses of our coating materials

Typical examples of areas our coatings are used:

Low friction/dry lubrication
Packaging machinery, Cutting blades, Slides, Bearings

RFI Shielding
Electronic enclosures, Satellite Navigation equipment

Non Stick/Release
Cutting blades, Chutes, Weighing equipment, Moulds, Printing Roller

Chemical resistant
Processing equipment, Sensors, Hoppers

Corrosion resistant
Studbolts, Valves, Brake components

Decorative/Soft feel
Appliance housings, Marine fittings

Applicable Substrates
Ferrous/Non ferrous metals

Grit blasting (aluminium oxide),
Chemical (phosphate, etch, anodise)

Hand spray, dipping and automatic spraying on request

Custom Products
Development of customer specific coating materials.
Laboratory for sampling and research work.

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