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Polymer Coatings Solutions offers a full coating service from pretreatment through to delivery. We can also carry out laboratory sampling and research, as well as developing materials for specific needs. We work across a wide range of sectors and industries, of which the following are typical examples.


Polymer Coating Solutions Ltd. can help food manufacturers and processors to achieve high standards of hygiene and reduce wastage by improving the efficiency of production and weighing equipment such as bread tins, cutting blades, dough hoppers, sweet moulds, etc.


Our applications help specialist packaging companies to maintain the reliability and efficiency of packaging machinery equipment such as cutting blades, heat seal bars and glue applicators.


The quality of our products and application techniques ensures that they meet the rigorous standards required in defense equipment manufacturing and military industries.

We regularly provide coatings for components which need to withstand heavy wear and tear, high temperatures and pressures within most demanding environments.

Plastic & Rubber

Manufacturers of rubber components can use polymer coatings to improve the durability and finish of components such as wiper blades, automotive rubber profiles, O-rings etc.


The corrosive nature of water can be combated by using the correct polymer to protect high value equipment including elements of tanks, pumps, vessels and most metal components such as bolts, nuts, guides, etc.


Our portfolio comprises solutions for virtually all areas of precision engineering applications, from high-wear equipment parts, hydraulic  cylinders, and pistons to tooling equipment and protection systems.
Our coatings protect transmission components, feeder screws, die plates, etc.

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