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Scientific Excellence
The Company has more than 20 years experience of developing and applying coating systems. We work regularly for customers throughout the UK who value us for our specialist knowledge and understanding of the products and techniques they require.

Problem Solving
We welcome technical challenges and are known for our problem-solving skills. Our understanding of the chemistry of polymer coatings enables us to develop new applications for specific situations, often working in close partnership with our customers.

Polymer Coating Solutions Ltd. offer our customers our very best service and all the benefits of our technically advanced and cost-effective products.

The most common trade names of coatings (Teflon®, Xylan®) are our main core of coating services. They are a tough, high operating temperature, heat-resistant finish, which makes them best choice for precision engineering applications.

Before and after coating

Before / after

High quality finish coatings

Selection of coatings

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