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Bakeries are improving their productivity with our coatings

This week brought to Polymer Coating Solutions Ltd. even more challenges from bakery industry.

Current economical situation, where all production costs are going up is engaging to look for some new sources of cost reductions and stabilisation. Our regular and new customers are contacting us to develop longer lasting coatings for them or challenging us with coatings outperforming their current solutions.

After numerous tests within our bakery dedicated customers we developed coatings solutions for:

Improved efficiency – special coatings lasting longer and keeping their release properties until next scheduled recoating

Costs savings – compared with traditional and cheaper sources of alternatives our coatings are bringing savings in a long term projects

Reduced maintenance time – cleaning your tins or trays with our coatings have never been easier, where you can simply use water with soap to clean it

Waste reduction – due to outstanding release properties you will see no waste on your ingredients after baking and the shape will be the same as you would expect

Colour coded production line – one of our customers required gluten free products, so we even found a pink coating for them to match their requirement 👍

If your bakery is struggling with costs for coating or e-coating your tins / trays / straps / hoppers / feeders – please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can help you during these hard times to achieve required stability in costs.

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