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Coatings for demanding precision engineering applications

PTFE (or polytetrafluoroethylene) is one of the most versatile industrial coatings available today. It offers an extremely low coefficient of friction, chemical inertness and excellent dielectric stability.

Non-stick properties are one of the most common named when you hear its name. PTFE can be used to solve a variety of design challenges including preventing build-up of contaminants, corrosion and bacteria; reducing friction or sticking between parts that come into contact; and even as an ingredient in heavy-wear, high-load applications.

For precision engineering PTFE is the ultimate problem solver for design issues that can include sticking, release, wear, noise and abrasion. Its non-stick qualities can be just as important for preventing the accumulation of foreign particles, contaminants and wear properties.

We receive weekly inquiries for advice in applications, whether it’s a part that has no coating or a coating that isn’t performing as expected. Our knowledge helped numerous companies, from medical equipment suppliers to Formula 1 teams.

If you are looking for reliable and proven supplier, who will support you in your continuous improvement, please do not hesitate to contact Polymer Coating Solutions Ltd.

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