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Improvements of mould assembly

Polymer Coating Solutions is always helping customers with new project development and advising on the best possible solution.

This time customer was in contact with us since a while for technical advise. They were involved in a project with their biggest customer so we knew there is a huge responsibility on us to select the correct coating. Customer has had some issues over the past 12 months with the PTFE coating applied to their product by competition.

The application of the mould assembly is to seal cable joints on a Fibre Optic laying ship. The joint is heated up to high temperature and Polyurethane is injected in to create the joint.

Over the past 12 months our customer hase seen issues with the PTFE coating chipping or flaking off during use. They were looking for a new supplier to offer solutions for these moulds moving forwards as their supplier could not find the blame in coating.

After a discussion within our technical department we have advised new coating, which will outperform the current they were using. After testing customer has sent us first batch of parts. Looks amazing, right? 😊

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