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Not sure about the visual effect of coating? Free sample panels to be sure you will get your RAL colour!

This week Polymer Coating Solutions Ltd. was focused on samples for customers. After very promising sales campaign we are sure that following months will be very active for us. Our potential customers on the horizon are very interesting into our coatings and we are always encouraging our customers to test our coatings within your application prior to mass production.

With numerous examples of our current customers we always started with samples. Its a fantastic start when you have an opportunity to practically show your customer confidence, that your application is going to work!

Only last week we made:

rubber samples for automotive customer with best release coatings

metal tins samples for bakery industry with our food approved non-stick coatings

plastic boxes with RFI shielding

precision engineering components for medical

Are you looking to improve your application with PTFE/Teflon coatings? We are looking forward to hear from you!

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