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We are always here for Bakery Industry in need

🍞🍞 We are always here for Bakery Industry in need 🍞🍞

This Friday we want to share with you our “fantastic service”, as our customer described their opinion about us.

One of our potential customers called us during this week to ask how quickly we can strip and re-coat their pie tins.
They have been let down by their current supplier with poor service level and extended lead time 📊💔

Our team immediately gathered and discussed a fast plan of action. Due to urgency of the situation, together with customer we achieve a plan to keep their production line up and running. Stripping and re-coating took us only couple of days and the last batch of our customer pie tins is leaving our factory today ✅

We trust this is a very good start into long term business relationship ✍📈

Do you want to write your story with us?
Give us a call and check how we can help your bakery! 🍞🥖☎✏

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