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Release coatings (customer application study)

Our customer approached us with their new application of moulds made from aluminum, where the process was carried out under vacuum. There was also the requirement for food approved material and 1000KV insulation specified. Together with customer we were looking for a low friction coating with very good release properties as well as coating for bolts to avoid getting stuck with resin.
During our analysis we were investigating some of our coatings that are used on tinplate bakeware which can normally be cured at a lower temperature, coatings for electrical insulation of formers and also a hard anodizing with a fluoropolymer coating on top. We agreed that the only way to get a true non stick requirement customer wants is to cure the fluoropolymer at high temperature.

Based on above analysis we decided to go with our fantastic non-stick properties coating PCS 7390 for parts and PCS 7288 for bolts, as this is the best non-stick coating for bolts within requested environment.

Result can be seen on the above picture.

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