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RE-COATING services 2/2

With second part of our short story we want to show you our customer rework order in condition before and after coating.

Our customer rework order is on its final stage as you can see on the picture above. With fast turnaround we are meeting our customer requirements regarding quality and required lead time. Before the weekend customer will received their goods back 😊

We are aware, that packaging industry is a very hectic market, where reducing maintenance time is crucial for the whole production line. With our selection of coatings designed for sealing and packaging equipment you can be sure, that you will get the expected result of what you were looking for. We understand that every single application is different and this is why we are advising our customers for trying our coatings before actual decision about the coating. This is why we are always encourage our customers to contact us ☎👍

Re-coating is a very demanding part of our business, where we are always trying to be as much flexible as customer require. We understand that our customers are relying on us as their coating supplier and we are always trying to understand and help with all situations including the next day situation ✅

Based on our experience we know that sealing bars or heating plates require regular recoating to keep their original properties. This is why we are always working with our customers to see in what condition are their plates / bars and trying to evaluate the best time for recoating. If you are looking for an advice on the lifetime of your coating please do not hesitate contact us as well so we can also help you with it ✍☎

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