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Savings for smoked fish company

Sometimes you stuck in a situation, where you do not want to be. Sometimes other people are letting you down and leaving you on your own. This is what happened to our customer with his previous supplier.

Our customer had a problem with their last coating, which was peeling off during their process. They reported it to the previous supplier, however they were not able to fix their problem. Without any support they were left with an explanation, that there is not much more what can be done about it.

In the meantime they were looking for an alternative supplier and they found an email we sent them before with the company introduction. After short phone call and explaining the situation we already suggested a solution for them. Couple of days later our customer was testing our coating with an outstanding effect you can have a look on the picture. Currently we are supplying our coatings very regularly for them with an outstanding results. With our coatings they were able to reduce their waste from ±5% to ±1%.

We can help you with any sort of troubles on food production lines, so do not hesitate contact us ☎✍

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